About Us

The mission of Anne Bluethenthal & Dancers/ABD Productions is to inspire social change through the arts. Our women- and queer-centered multi-ethnic company is committed to the production of new dance works created in collaboration with diverse communities. Our dances grow from deep investigations into the language of movement, using that vocabulary in eloquent, bold, and subversive acts of art.

Anne Bluethenthal Artistic Director, ABD Productions

Her work is brainy, her own, and full of soul …”  (Rita Felciano)

ANNE BLUETHENTHAL has been bridging dance and community-engaged art for over 3 decades. Advancing justice and equity through bold, nuanced performance works that tackle subjects from globalization and climate change, to genocide and gender violence, Bluethenthal believes that relationships are the first site of social change. Her ongoing program, Skywatchers, brings artists into durational, collaborative relationships with residents of SF’s Tenderloin neighborhood, interrogating the poverty industrial complex and positioning community voices in the civic discourse through the arts. Recipient of numerous local awards, Anne co-founded the
Center for Art and Social Justice and the SF Lesbian & Gay Dance Festival.


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