Photo by Miguel Servellón


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We are taking ANDARES, a multi-disciplinary performance work about the Salvadoran civil war, home to El Salvador. A collaboration with 6 artist-activists who participated in the revolutionary struggle that rocked the small nation in the 1980s, it premiered last May in San Francisco. Since, many Salvadorans have urged us to take it to their country, where the legacy of the civil war remains fraught with political tensions and mistrust.  

At the invitation of the Secretaría de Arte y Cultura de la Presidencia de El Salvador we will re-mount it with the dancers of La Compañia Nacional de Danza de El Salvador (CND), and it will be performed in the historic and exquisite Teatro Nacional in March 2017.  

This is an extraordinary opportunity to see ANDARES unfold exponentially: communicating a difficult and healing truth in its homeland, illuminating the passions and heartbreaks that remain, catalyzing dialogue across generations, and inspiring a new generation of Salvadorans to continue the hard work of building a just society.

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Artistic Director

Anne Bluethenthal

Associate Director

Luz Mena

Assistant Director

Malena Mayorga

Principle Collaborators

Godofredo Echeverría, Roberto Gómez, Mauricio López Guillén, Patricia Morales,Rene Muñoz, Ennio Antonio Sol Guerra

Historical Consultant

Roberto Gómez

Grupo Mezoamerika

Godofredo Eheverría, Mauricio López Guillén, Rene Muñoz

Dramaturge, Assistant Director

Adele Prandini


Roxana Damas

Prod Manager/Light Designer

Allen Wilner

Visual Design

Victor Cartagena, Deirdre Visser

Sound Design

Alejandro Acosta

Costume Design

Cassandra Carpenter


Zoe Bender, Nick Brentley, Roxana Damas, Godofredo Eheverría, Rama Hall, Jill Hibbert, Noah James, Malena Mayorga, Patricia Morales, Luz Mena, Yanina Rivera, Frances Sedayao, Ricky Saenz, Keisha Turner