10th Anniversary Documentary

Join us for the WORLD PREMIERE 
of Skywatchers’ 10th Anniversary documentary,

Skywatchers: The Slow Art of Belonging Premiere

Thursday, March 3, 2022 5:30pm at the Tenderloin Museum

Missed the screening? Watch the documentary here! Streaming online through the month of March.

In ten years in the Tenderloin, the Skywatchers Ensemble has articulated a method for collaborative art making that they’ve come to call Relational, Durational, Conversational, and Structural.

These words reflect the ensemble’s commitments to
center community, interrogate power and privilege, and redefine rigor through the lens of community engagement and social justice.

If you’ve seen their work—or if you haven’t yet!—this film
is a celebration and revelation about collaborative art making in the Tenderloin.

All folks in attendance must show proof of covid vaccination and booster if eligible. Get boosted at GLIDE.org/vaccination.