Came Here to Live: Resilience and Resistance in the Containment Zone (2019)

ABD Productions and CounterPulse present
Came Here to Live: Resilience and Resistance in the Containment Zone

 Nov 22—Nov 24, 2019

The Skywatchers Ensemble includes: Anne Bluethenthal, Shakiri, jose e. abad, Anum Awan, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Malia Byrne, Gabriel Christian, Melanie DeMore, Dazié Grego-Sykes, Erica Richardson, Aaron Salinas, Frances Sedayao, Deirdre Visser & Ian Winters in collaboration with Rica Isabella Ames, Calvin Barnes, LaWanna Bracy, Ann Marie Brewer, Kathy Brown, Dr. Dreame, Wanda Jean Edwards, Shirley Jackson, Jesse Johnson, Samantha Kuykendall, Freddy Martin, Johnny Martinez, Regi Meadows, Kim Mays, Kim Mosteiro, Bobby Perez, Duane Sears, Silver Sonic, Dino Smith, LeRoy Staples, Shavonne Wong and Joel Yates

Created and performed by the Skywatchers Ensemble—an intergenerational, mixed-ability collaborative arts ensemble of Tenderloin residents and ABD artists—Resilience and Resistance is rooted in the stories, dreams, and challenges facing its participants.

Creating sublime theater that’s equal parts protest and mourning, the Skywatchers Ensemble weaves personal stories—often illuminating stark truths—with visions of a revolution that will be led by those historically excluded from shaping culture and policy. Resilience and Resistance offers a vision of what is possible when we build new models for an inclusive and just society, embrace our intrinsic interdependence, and see our futures as interconnected.