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The Alexander Technique is an educational method that helps people recognize and prevent habitual harmful tension patterns from interfering with their daily activities, reducing the pain, suffering, and injury that accompany these patterns. The Alexander Technique doesn’t fix, assign exercises, or prescribe how to think. It teaches us to bring more practical intelligence to what we are already doing, encouraging us as individuals to choose our own goals, giving us a better use of ourselves while working toward them. The Alexander Technique penetrates to the center of what it means to be human. Through the Technique, we come to know ourselves at deeper and subtler levels. Once we learn to observe our habitual responses, we begin to have some choice in these responses or patterns of behavior, and we are able to access a more conscious, ease-ful, and fluid way of being in the world.

Individual lessons are the best way to learn the Alexander Technique. The American Society for the Alexander Technique recommends that students take 10 to 30 one-on-one lessons with a certified teacher over a period of several months. Anne Bluethenthal teaches private lessons in San Francisco. Contact her to inquire about lessons, dates, and cost.

For more information please contact Anne Bluethenthal.

The Alexander work forms the basis of my approach to movement, the body, teaching, and my understanding of the nature of habit and thought. The Technique is in essence training in wakeful doing. That is, we learn to observe ourselves in stillness and carry that attention into activity. From that base of stillness and attention, we learn to consciously direct our actions or movements by holding an intention in mind. Attention with intention is the cornerstone of Alexander’s work.

We, human beings, are not static entities or set of conditions to be positioned, corrected,tamed, polished and remedied. Instead, we are a continually changing process of events, responses, and choices that may be observed, quieted, redirected, or left alone. Our integrity is not something that is cultivated so much as it is revealed when we refrain from interfering with our inherent equanimity. Our work is to observe how we interfere with ourselves, our balance, and our ability to consciously direct our lives and selves.

“In a culture that values doing over observation and thought, increasing growth over reflection or caretaking, production over replenishing the earth, this work offers a deeply needed radical ecology of the human mind-body-spirit”.

ANNE BLUETHENTHAL A senior teacher of the F.M. Alexander Technique, is certified by both American and English Societies of Alexander Teachers (AmSAT and STAT). She has been practicing and teaching this work since her certification in 1985, working with students of all ages, cultures, and professions, from performing artists to administrators, from activists to restaurant workers, from children to the elderly. She brings her long history and experience as a performer and Artistic Director of her dance company, Anne Bluethenthal and Dancers to her Alexander practice, offering a deep understanding of the issues facing artists, athletes, and performers.

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