Towards Opulence

The San Francisco Main Library and ABD/Skywatchers

Towards Opulence

A site specific performance exploring imagination as resistance, featuring Tenderloin residents as they embody their most glorious selves.

Join us for an inspiring weekend of vivid and radical performance!

All events are free and open to the public.
Performances will be one hour long.

Saturday, May 14

3:00p ~ Performance Begins on steps at Larkin Street Entrance (across from Civic Center Plaza)

Saturday’s performance will include ASL interpretation

Sunday, May 15

3:00p ~Performance Begins on steps at Larkin Street Entrance (across from Civic Center Plaza)

Sunday’s performance will have live audio description

More about the project:

Now in its 11th year, Skywatchers is a community-based performing arts ensemble of Tenderloin residents and Bay Area artists committed to amplifying the many voices of this community. Towards Opulence features guest artists Honey Mahogany and Tongo Eisen-Martin, along with Choral Director Melanie DeMore, Music Director Peekaboo, cellist Maya Nixon, vocal performer Dot Com, dancer Rama Hall, and visual designers Monica Canilao, Azul Rosa, and Deirdre Visser.

Using spoken word, dance, music, and photography, the Skywatchers Ensemble will disentangle opulence from its material, hierarchical, and colonial associations, reimagining what is truly opulent and allowing it to guide us towards new ways of thinking and being. Learning from the underground queer ball culture that claimed opulence as a language of liberation and resistance as early as the turn of the 20th century, and finding inspiration in the networked connectivity of trees and mycelium as well as the improbable metamorphosis of the caterpillar, Skywatchers will ask what an opulence of interdependence demands of us all.

So many Tenderloin neighbors do not have their most essential needs met, whether clean water or primary healthcare. In this context, Skywatchers’ Towards Opulence emerged from ensemble discussions about imagination as a tool of radical resistance and revolution. This season’s festival invites us to dream of our most fulfilled futures, individually and collectively claiming the most glorious expressions of our humanity beyond the limited goal of mere survival. This season is part one of Towards Opulence. Be a part of this ongoing work. Look out next spring for Towards Opulence: The Opera!