Towards Opulence, the Opera II

ABD/Skywatchers and Cutting Ball Theater

Towards Opulence,
the Opera

Towards Opulence, the Opera II is part of an ongoing act of creative resistance and imaginative reclamation by the Skywatchers Ensemble.


Join us for an inspiring weekend of vivid and radical performance!

All events are free and open to the public.
Performances will be 45 minutes long.

Saturday, June 3 @ 7:00PM

Sunday, June 4 @ 3:00PM

Sunday’s performance will include live audio descriptions
with Chibueze Crouch and Gravity.

More about the project:

Now in its 12th year, Skywatchers is a community-based performing arts ensemble of Tenderloin residents and Bay Area artists committed to amplifying the many voices of this community. 

Skywatchers believes that Tenderloin residents and ensemble members are the Truth Tellers of our society, the Cassandras. Towards Opulence begins with an exploration of cultural gaslighting, animating truths that are systematically ignored or disbelieved, in no small part because those truths—and those who speak them—are inextricably linked to the origins of power and oppression in this country. The work moves from resistance to reclamation: Believing that we cannot create what we haven’t yet imagined, we step into a future of our own conjuring, claiming our most audacious and glorious selves. By drawing the line from our current conditions to those bold imaginations of the future, Towards Opulence, the opera calls forth our collective capacity to manifest change.


Performers: Shavonne Allen, Anne Bluethenthal, Lawanna Bracy, Noell Castro, Gabriele Christian, Dot Com, Kim Diamond, Wanda Edwards, Ann Marie Eunice, Lord Frederick, Marvin Fulton, Gigi Goddard, Maurice Hudson, Nazelah Jamison, Freddy Martin, Dennis McCauley, Regi Meadows, Lotus Miller, Caroline Poyaoan, Duane Sears, Shakiri, Sonic, Lauren Swiger, Dazié Grego Sykes, and Joel Yates

Choral Director, Songwriter: Melanie DeMore, in collaboration with the Ensemble
With contributions from: Jennifer Johns and Valerie Troutt
Sound Design: Inéz Nuñez de Arco
Set Design and Fabrication: Dustin Ordway