Dance Classes

Dancer-choreographer Anne Bluethenthal is founder and Artistic Director of Anne Bluethenthal & Dancers. An award-winning choreographer, Bluethenthal has been teaching and training dancers for the past 25 years. She teaches classes beneficial for dancers of all levels including professional, advanced, returning, mature, and more beginner dancers as well as those interested in re-examining their dance practice.

A certified instructor of the Alexander Technique, Bluethenthal infuses her classes with the principles of this work, including hands on guidance. In the context of challenging and deliberate technique classes, she brings deep insight into habit, preconception, and freedom. Honoring the intelligence of the body, the class develops athleticism, technical excellence, and virtuosity through a process of conscious attention that can translate to any other dance or movement practice, reducing harm and injury and increasing the pleasure of being a mover. Her movement concerns emerge in class in the form of sensuous, exciting, and diverse choreographic invention.

Bluethenthal is currently not teaching any open classes at this time. For inquiries or booking, please e-mail us at

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